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Erste Bank der oesterreichischen Sparkassen AG
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Line of Business: holding function during foundation, acquisition, sale and management of investments
Managing Director: Johannes Roth-Pollack-Parnau, Johannes Rudnay
Disclosure according to § 25 section 4 media law: this website is a medium of communication and is addressed primary to existing and future clients and other interested parties.

This information is compiled only for information use in regard of the described co-investment. This information is neither an offer to purchase or offer to sell nor a tender to buy or sell securities or financial instruments or to participate at a certain asset investment.  The details contained in this document constitute no investment advice and in particular no recommended action defined on the individual circumstances of an investor.

The content of this document is based upon information considered reliable. Any liability for the correctness and completeness of the information or any condition of a future business offer under the conditions mentioned here is excluded.

The future-oriented statements and forecasts contained in the HP are based on currently available information and thorough research and up-to-date expectations and experiences of JR Partners GmbH. Although the prognoses are compiled to the best of our knowledge, the correctness and completeness of the underlying information cannot be guaranteed.

All prognosis contained in this documents may rely on assumptions, which later may prove to be incorrect or incomplete. No liability or guarantee shall be accepted to the effect that the predicted results will be in fact achieved.  Future-oriented statements such as prognoses regarding performance of the joint venture or future revenue are naturally subject to uncertainties and currently imponderable risk factors.  Therefore, it cannot be excluded that the actual results differ substantially from the prognoses.  Furthermore, no liability can be accepted that all relevant assumptions necessary for achieving the results or profit forecasts have been considered or were mentioned.  It is explicitly stressed that past developments or prepared forecasts and simulations are no guarantee of future performance.  The value of the shares of a company and the future obtainable income may fall as well as rise.

Under certain circumstances it is possible that partners may not get back the amount invested or achieve no return on their participation.

JR Partners is not obliged to update the herein given information. Additional information is available on demand.  JR Partners and affiliated companies accept no liability whatsoever for the content of this information.  JR Partners and affiliated companies do not provide investment, tax, financial and legal advice or advice in relation to supervisory matters.  We recommend that interested partners seek individual advice from their advisors for assessing their potential Investment.