Together we develop the strategy adjusted to your needs, the development of the property portfolio, and the complete service. Transparency and absolute discretion are a matter of course for us. Our utmost goal is a safe and sustainable investment combined with an above-average increase of your real estate.




During the investment process we specifically use our longtime contacts to identify the best property investments for you. After finishing the selection phase and a preliminary examination by JR PARTNERS we discuss the chances and risks of the investment before you take a decision. Subsequent to the decision-making-phase we implement the decision. That includes the completion of the verification activities – technical, legal and tax due diligence as well as external financing and the purchase contract negotiations.


During the portfolio holding of your property investment JR PARTNERS undertakes the full range of services of the objects as the owner’s representative. We see asset management as a responsible, strategic and operative management of all return and risk related measures at object-, portfolio-, and company level, regarding the whole life cycle of the real estate. According to our management approach we work closely with selected, long-term partners in the field of property management, rental, and renovation or facility management to the advantage of your clients.


JR Partners offer an extensive property investment. That includes the mentoring of your property during the sales process. The continuous analysis of our portfolio enables us to recognize the perfect timing for selling. Such a decision comprises many different factors which we entirely include in our analyses. After all an active control of the disinvestment phase has exerted influence on the best sales price.