When you are looking for the best possible opportunity-risk ratio you are going to like our approach. Expect more than an investment.

We create, manage and exploit our property investments with passion. And to enable our clients to be part of this passion we offer them the possibility to invest either alone or jointly with other clients.

As co-owner of a joint venture you are directly involved in all decisions from acquisition to planning and realization. All essential decisions are made by the associates. From the first offer to the acquisition and the ongoing development you can follow each phase of your investment. You decide in which objects you want to invest and you take part in the discussion and incorporate your own ideas right from the start. It is good to see how the selected object or portfolio develops to be finally sold after a holding period set by you.


  • Full transparency by company law
  • Involvement in all essential decisions
  • Individually tailored runtimes
  • Attractive returns
  • Risk diversification

Our clients are not just investors but part of the JR Partners team.